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Participation & engagement

We love the feeling of accomplishment. That rewarding sensation of pride in what you do. When you are happy and fulfilled, a hero for even a single moment. We strive for that feeling every day. But we are not driven only by results. We believe in participation, in engagement, in community. Being a part of something bigger and actively contributing to the greater whole.

Three things we are strongly passionate about

We hire human beings, not just fellow employees

We are a local, family-owned business that has evolved into a global organisation, one with thousands of employees across the globe. We aim to offer each and every one of them the opportunity to personally engage in shaping the future of Kinnarps. We inherited a family company spirit, something we cherish dearly, regardless of company size or growth.

We honour flexibility and the ability to adapt

In order to continue with our success, we are required to handle changes as and when they appear, to learn new things, to have new experiences, to respect our personal ambitions, and to listen to the needs of the market and environment. We match the wants and needs of Kinnarps with those of our employees. From this solid ground, we continue evolving our business alongside our employees’ know-how, always tuning into the future needs of the market.

We want our staff to be healthy and feel good

A happy, healthy workspace is a prerequisite for being able to feel good and be creative. We strive to always take care of the entire person, to create a nice balance between work and spare time. We actively encourage our employees to exercise and maintain their overall health. A healthy body supports a healthy mind.

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