The Better Effect Index

The Better Effect Index is the Kinnarps Group's own sustainability index, and the market's first comprehensive tool for sustainable interior design choices.

How The Better Effect Index works

We measure the product in six different areas and give a grade (1-3) for each

We began by asking our customers – architects, interior designers, purchasers and users – what you thought was important in order to be able to make sustainable choices. On the basis of your sustainability goals, and the UN's, we have created an index where we assess and grade our products in six important areas.

The final result: A total grade

The highest grade in each area is 3 points. The grade in each area is an average of the points awarded for the indicators. The highest possible total grade when all areas are combined is 3 points. The total grade is an average of the points for the areas.

1. Raw materials & resources

✓  Knowledge of the origin of the raw materials

✓  Knowledge of conditions in the production chain

✓  Resource optimisation

2. Climate

✓  Inward transport

✓  Outward transport

✓ Suppliers (fossil-free energy in manufacturing)

✓ Producers (fossil-free energy in manufacturing)

✓ Proportion of material with low climate impact

3. Pure materials

✓  Fulfilled levels of chemical content

✓  Fulfilled levels of emissions

✓  Good material choice

4. Social responsibility

✓  Code of Conduct for suppliers

✓  Suppliers which have been risk-assessed

✓  Inspected suppliers from risk countries

5. Reuse

✓  Possible to repair/renovate

✓  Possible to recycle materials

✓  Made of recycled material

6. Ergonomics

✓  Enables customisation

✓  Enables movement

✓ Improves the acoustic environment

Get to know the tool - The Better Effect Index in practice

Look out for the sustainability grade

On certain product pages and product lists you will see this symbol. This means that the product is included in The Better Effect Index and has a sustainability grade. The figure and graphic show where the product stands on the scale from 1 to 3.

✓  Shows the product's total sustainability grade

✓  Scale from 1 to 3

Find graded products

By using the 'Sustainability' filter in our product list, you can find the products that fulfil your particular sustainability requirements.

 ✓ Filtering function with up to 20 different selections

Product sustainability in depth

On the product pages you will find an in-depth tool which you can use to investigate the details in The Better Effect. You can find the product's various measurements and see how it measures up against different sustainability criteria. You decide for yourself how much information you want to see with the aid of the different views: 'Overview', 'Details' and 'Grading'.

✓  Interactive module on product pages

✓  Three different views with three different levels of detail

Why we created The Better Effect Index

"The Better Effect Index is the concrete application of our sustainability work in the six areas. It is a web-based tool that makes it easier for customers to make sustainable choices. The index extends the concept of sustainability and includes areas such as climate and reuse, areas rarely subject to requirements in eco-labelling. With the index, we want to make it simpler to assess the sustainability of products in a more detailed way, not only against the basic requirements. Since the index was launched in 2017, we have seen a number of positive effects. It has helped our customers to see and assess the sustainability performance of the products. It stimulates our own sustainability work and it drives the general discussion of which requirements are relevant to set."

Johanna Ljunggren, Kinnarps Sustainability Manager

We are at the forefront of sustainable design

...and we want to be the best at it

Our brands make it easy to produce holistic solutions with a focus on sustainability, function and aesthetics. By mixing and matching products from the various collections, you can create unique environments which reflect the customer's vision and values. Cooperation in sustainability issues is our great strength. We encourage each other and share our knowledge. Together, we can speak up and form opinions when we think there is a lack of good solutions in the industry. Our trend reports put their finger on the pulse of the future and inspire us to innovative solutions. Our products are developed to harmonise with social development and made to have a long life span. The many international design prizes we have been awarded bear witness to our success.


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What is The Better Effect Index?

The Better Effect Index is the first comprehensive tool for those who want to make sustainable interior design choices. You can find it on our product pages.

Why did you create this tool?

A new generation is putting new demands on companies' sustainability work. People want to have clear answers. But when it comes to sustainability, things often become really complicated. We wanted to make it simple to make conscious decisions. By using something as tangible as a sustainability tool, we lower the barrier for someone who wants to make sustainable interior design choices.

How do you award grades?

On the basis of 17 indicators in 6 different areas, we award grades which combine to generate a sustainability grade for the product. The various measurement criteria are derived from requirements expressed by architects, interior designers, purchasers and users. We also took the UN's sustainability goals into account.

How many products have been graded?

So far, about twenty products from the Kinnarps brands have been entered into the system. We are working continuously to add new products.

Can it be applied to other products?

The algorithm can be applied to other products. We know that The Better Effect Index satisfies a deeply-felt need among our customers, and our ambition is that all products will have sustainability grades in the future.

Do you want to know more about how we measure and grade?

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