Client projects: Voldsløkka School

Project facts

A desire to learn and community

Voldsløkka School in the Sagene district of Oslo comprises a new building and the refurbishment of the listed Heidenreich building. The secondary school has space for 810 students, divided between 8th to 10th grade. The project was carried out by Oslobygg on behalf of the Norwegian Educational Agency, Oslo Municipality, and opened its doors in August 2023.

"The path to the future is through meaningful activities that stimulate the desire to learn and community"

This is the school’s vision, and with this vision they want to help develop active and curious students, challenge them to make a positive contribution to their own and others’ lives and develop a strong commitment to the environment and their own future. The starting point for the interior design solutions was that they should support the way the school wanted to teach. At the same time, the solutions had to be robust and flexible, and last for many years. It was also essential to preserve the architecture and the building’s distinctiveness.

The Xact education chair with FreeFloat™ mechanism encourages movement by the backrest and seat moving independently of each other.

The flexible Vagabond tables with castors can be moved around as needed. Oberon desk with adjustable height for good ergonomics, as well as storage unit Space.

Good ergonomics is also about good sound. In a room with many hard materials, the high-backed Monolite sofa helps to improve the acoustics. The Uni table in a narrow version facilitates good collaboration and conversations.


Flexible solutions

Emphasis was placed on the flexibility of the solutions, so that they can easily be moved around and changed if needed. Based on the vision of stimulating the desire to learn and community, it was important to be able to easily change the interior design solution according to different learning situations. In addition, good ergonomics for the students was important, and that the solutions invite to work in different ways, encouraging the students to move during the day.


Tone Bergstrøm works as an inventory consultant/project manager and says that the collaboration with Kinnarps has worked very well throughout, with several meetings in the showroom and close follow-up when the final solution was to be delivered. Users and the principal were involved when the textiles, colour palette and solution were presented, together with the Norwegian Educational Agency and Oslobygg.

They are proud that the result has led to good, ergonomic solutions for both students and teachers.


"The interior design solutions were delivered by pleasant fitters, and we have only received positive feedback"

Tone Bergstrøm, inventory consultant/project manager

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