Kinnarps Colour Studio – Sustainable and harmonised quality materials

Kinnarps Colour Studio (KCS) is our range of materials for office, education and care, with a focus on sustainability, quality and harmony. It offers attractive and sustainable materials that have been carefully tested and tried out to suit different types of spaces. The wide range makes it easy to find the look and functionality you desire. Wood, metal, plastic, and textiles, colours and patterns that are easy to mix and match with each other and the rest of the interior design. A well-thought-out range that provides a harmonised and sustainable overall impression and makes it possible to choose the right material and the right colour for the right place and activity.

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Sustainable materials

A sustainable interior design must work for a long time, both in terms of design and quality. Different environments have different levels of wear and tear, this must be considered both in terms of type of material and choice of colour.

Our KCS range has been developed to be futureproof in terms of both look and functionality. Most of the fabrics carry the EU Ecolabel, which is awarded to products that meet high environmental, functionality and quality standards. Many fabrics are also OEKO-TEX® certified, which ensures that they are sustainably produced and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

95% of the wood we use is FSC® certified, which guarantees responsible forestry with respect for people and the environment. We have made certain that all our materials have been produced under environmentally and socially accountable conditions.

Quality materials

The choice of material and colour has a major impact on the functionality and maintenance requirements of the product and the interior design. Accordingly, all our materials have been carefully selected, tested and quality assured to meet the requirements for public spaces.

We sew parts for our furniture in our own production facility in Skillingaryd Sweden, and test the upholstery on site to ensure quality in accordance with applicable requirements. We focus particularly on environments that experience severe wear and tear, such as schools and healthcare environments.

The range offers fabrics in different price classes, from simpler to more exclusive materials. All fabrics are durable, with a Martindale rating of at least 50,000, which means that our furniture is durable and will last a long time in public spaces. The fabrics also meet the ignitability requirements of the European EN 1021–1 & 2 standard, which ensures safe interior design. Some of our fabrics are washable or can be wiped off to work in environments that require this. All our fabrics meet the Möbelfakta criteria, which guarantee not only non-toxic materials but also compliance with European quality and safety requirements for public spaces.

Harmonised materials

Ensuring that fabric, other materials and colours harmonise with each other is crucial to create a well-thought-out, sustainable whole. When choosing materials and colours, you should start from what activity they should support and what behavior you want to encourage. Different combinations enhance the experience, feeling and expression you want to create.

Kinnarps Colour Studio offers a wide range of materials and colours that consist of hundreds of colour tones and materials developed together with architects and interior designers. It offers extensive possibilities to create personal combinations and attractive interior design solutions. In the same range you can find different styles and expressions. The materials are easy to harmonise with other furnishings and match with each other.

The goal is to offer a versatile and easily accessible palette for creative, attractive environments that will last over time.