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Kinnarps offers inclusive interior solutions for a variety of care and nursing environments. We put the needs and demands of the individual at the centre of things and make everyday life easier for users, staff, and relatives. By adding value with our inclusive, user-centric, and ergonomic furniture, we’re also supporting the outcome and experience for people.

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Well-functioning care environments are designed in a health-promoting and inclusive way to support both users, staff and relatives.

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Next Care® needs analysis

Next Care® needs analysis is a process that gives you the right conditions to create a sustainable and health-promoting care environment. This in turn creates room for quality of life and a more inclusive environment that supports users, staff and relatives.

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People are the most important asset of any organisation. Invest in holistic ergonomics to help your people do great things. Our expert knowledge in ergonomics and diverse product range gives you conditions for workplace wellness, engagement and performance.

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Be inspired and get to know our sustainable furniture and flexible interior design solutions. Design with a purpose where function and aesthetics go hand in hand.

People, interior and environment that last over time. We design and produce sustainable high quality furniture and flexible solutions that are characterised by low environmental impact and long life cycles.

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Interior design and furniture for the healthcare and nursing sectors of the future

The future healthcare sector will place new demands on environments. We are going to live longer, but when it is time to go into a residential care home, we will be in greater need of help. Dementia may become the new health scourge. The older age group is also becoming more heterogeneous with more immigrants – a change which will also become noticeable in the staffing. Diversity and focus on the individual will become the watchwords. If properly designed, healthcare and nursing environments can be of great benefit to our wellbeing. At Kinnarps, we develop total solutions for the interior design of healthcare and nursing environments that place residents, personnel and relatives at the centre.

Flexible healthcare and nursing home furniture

As part of Kinnarps Next Care® we offer not only furniture but also a method which makes it possible to create functional, beautiful and future-proof interior designs for the healthcare and nursing sector. Our customised healthcare and nursing home furniture is based on flexibility and an inclusive design. The furniture must be suitable for all users, and it must be possible to rearrange it gradually as needs change. Dining seating, section seating, tables, sofas, easy chairs and task chairs are manufactured to a high standard with a focus on ergonomics, hygiene and durability. We know we get the best results when hard and soft values are allowed to work together, with the focus on the individual.