Smart office accessories and cable management

Smart office accessories and cable management

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Office accessories designed to create an attractive yet functional environment

Since these types of accessories are not only practical and functional but are also an integral part of the interior design, we collaborate with leading designers. We can supply a waste paper bin that both conceals its contents and makes an eyecatching feature in your office. Newspaper racks and newspaper holders that not only keep things tidy but also make an attractive feature on your wall. Freestanding coat racks or wall-mounted coat racks with space for your own and visitors' clothing. Whiteboards that not only convey information but also add colour and shape to your interior design. Whether you prefer office accessories with a classic design and subdued colours or like to play with colour and different looks, we have interior design details that combine both form and function. When developing our accessories we also focus on the sustainable office. Waste paper bins with integral sorting are just one example of practical solutions that make your office more environmentally friendly.

Our accessories also include ergonomic solutions that make your working day easier - for example, a relaxing armrest for your desk and adjustable monitor arms. We also have a wide range of smart accessories for technology in the office: CPU holders, cable tidies and other cable management solutions, and power sockets that make technology accessible without making things look untidy. With the right accessories, your work will be more effective and more stimulating!