Desks for excellent ergonomics

Desks for excellent ergonomics

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There are many different options: with a wide range of tabletops, underframes, wood types and colours, you can create your unique workplace. Choose a whole system of desks for an open-plan, flexible office – or a compact desk if you have limited space.

Proper desks are an important component of every office. Many of us spend much of our workday at a desk so it's important that the desk is ergonomically customised to you so you avoid injuries caused by prolonged sitting. Aesthetics are also important and can play a big role in selecting a new desk.

Modern desks should be functional and meet whatever needs you may have. Our desk ranges also include smart bench solutions and standing desks in different heights. They come in the form of systems, so you can easily furnish a customised office with many different types of desk – without compromising on looks.

Desks for large and small offices

Kinnarps offers desk systems for open-space offices while also having a good range of small desks for limited spaces. A good desk gives a room character while being a practical place to put important work materials on. We have a flexible range of desks that allows you to shape solutions for large and small offices alike. Our bench solutions can easily be customised to the number of employees who will be using them. Add a desktop screen and you have the ultimate desk.

You can expand many of our desks almost as much as you like, depending on how big a space you want to cover. Do you want a large, open work surface? Or is it enough with a smaller surface that is just enough to hold your computer? It's entirely up to you.

With the Space storage system, you can purchase pedestals and other storage solutions for your desks. Personalise each workplace while gaining extra storage space. The mobile design encourages variation and well-being at the office.

Work desks, computer desks or office desks?

How you use your desk naturally varies depending on the type of work you need to do. Consider your needs and choose the desk that is best for your purposes. Kinnarps desks can be customised to the needs of your office. We have small desks and large models that have a wider work surface.

Kinnarps offers a number of different desk types based on how you will you use your desk. Is it for normal office work, a computer desk or other type of work desk you need? Ergonomic requirements change depending on how you will use your desk.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the choice of material. Kinnarps offers a number of materials, from laminate and veneer to linoleum. We always strive to use sustainable materials from sustainable manufacturing. The materials in our collections are specially selected to look good over time.

Think ergonomics

Kinnarps' desks help you work ergonomically. When it comes to desks, ergonomics is all about moving and varying your work posture, from sitting to standing, during the working day.

Which is why it is important to choose the right desk height. An ergonomic seating position means sitting with your feet on the ground with a straight back. When working, your arms should be at your keyboard in the most relaxed position possible.

Kinnarps has a number of desk solutions designed with ergonomics in mind. If you really want to be ergonomic, we have a wide range of height-adjustable desks that allow you to vary your position during the course of the day.