Flexible desks

Flexible desks

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This puts less strain on your body, and you will be more alert and dynamic. Height-adjustable desks can be placed both individually and in groups for different types of project work. Add screens for greater flexibility and privacy on the user's terms.

Our height-adjustable desks allow everyone at the office to work comfortably and ergonomically. And naturally, work is easier when you can stand and sit comfortably at your workplace, isn't it? If your workplace does not require this type of desk, we can offer a number of other desks in various finishes and sizes.

Height-adjustable desks are ergonomic

As an office worker, you generally work about eight hours a day sitting at a desk. Our bodies were not made for this work posture. If we don't think ergonomically, this can lead to a number of problems. You may start having trouble with your back, shoulders and neck from sitting still. By sitting still for long periods of time, we become less productive and increase our risk of cardiovascular disease.

With a height-adjustable desk, you can customise the height of your desk so you do not stay in the same position for long periods. The electric controls allow you to easily vary between sitting and standing. By varying your work posture during the day, you can prevent possible injuries.

Invest in height-adjustable desks and give yourself and your colleagues an ergonomic head start with our well-constructed, modern, high-quality desks. And did you know that if you stand and work for two and a half hours, you burn about 350 calories more than if you remain sitting?

Kinnarps' desk series are made for modern offices

Kinnarps offers several finishes for height-adjustable desks for your office. If you use your desk a lot, it may be a good idea to invest in a remote control that remembers your settings. The remote display clearly shows you the height of your desk and makes it easy to customise the height depending on whether you want to stand up or sit down when you work. Or if there are several people who work at the same desk.

The display also shows the height to facilitate manual settings – a smart function when you move between desks. You learn quickly what your own personalised sitting and standing heights are.

Using this kind of desk couldn't be easier. You just push a button and the electric controls do the rest. The electrical mechanism takes care of lifting the tabletop so you avoid heavy lifting. Add accessories and you have a desk that is ready for most things.

Our height-adjustable desks are built with functionality in mind, without compromising on looks. Our height-adjustable desks are available in many finishes and sizes making it easy to find a solution that is both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing.

Stand up and work with a height-adjustable desk

We are all individuals when it comes to height, which makes traditional desks less than optimal in the long run. A height-adjustable desk is a solution that works for everyone. It can be customised to your personal conditions and preferences.

If you do a lot of work in front of a screen, make a habit of standing up and working a little bit each day. Not only will you burn calories, but standing does your body a favour by helping prevent injury and cardiovascular disease.

There are many benefits associated with height-adjustable desks. In addition to improving posture, you increase your blood circulation by engaging your muscles more often, leading to a more productive day at work.