Change the conditions of your workplace

Change the conditions of your workplace

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Screen walls are perfect for offices, but they can also be used in other environments to block the view and cut noise levels. These walls are perfect for easily dividing large spaces, without creating isolated offices. They are also adaptable and can be moved easily enabling you to create temporary rooms in your office. Perfect for modern offices that make great demands on work space flexibility.

Partition screens for increased concentration

Offices full of activity require solutions that will create areas of peace and quiet. Kinnarps has partition screens that provide employees with their own space in modern, open offices. Desktop screens are mounted on desks themselves while partition screens are placed on the floor. They are easy to move around, making it easy to customise your workplace to your needs. We also have partition screens that can be turned into work booths, creating a more private workplace in open-space offices.

In some situations, open-plan offices can be disruptive and stressful causing you to lose focus while working on important tasks. A screen wall or partition screen can function as a room divider, facilitating for you to work without interruption when you need to.

Several partition screen varieties

The partition screen is a normal screen wall found in offices. It is placed on the floor and stretches upward. There are a variety of screen walls. You can even place partition screens beside each other for additional noise reduction.

When using more than one partition screen, each screen absorbs noise that is bouncing around, resulting in a reduction of the total noise at the office.

There are different kinds of noise reducers. Screening is when the screen has a sound-dampening effect and blocks the source of the noise. Sound-absorbing screen walls have a thick, built in sound-absorbing material that blocks and captures noise. Kinnarps' partition screens are available in various sizes and come with a number of different legs. There are also varieties on castors and walls that can be connected to each other.

Naturally, there are accessories available for the partition screens. For example, there are hangers and hooks for your clothes and bags. You will also find mirrors and storage pockets for freeing up space on your desk.

Consider this when buying a partition screen

It is good to keep in mind that screen walls do not remove all noise. The purpose of the walls is to reduce the recognisability of speech. It is this particular sound that affects our concentration and productivity the most – when we understand what is being said around us. When the sound is dampened to the point that we no longer understand what someone is saying, though we hear that it is speech, our productivity is not nearly as affected.

It is very important to place partition screens in the appropriate place. If there are height-adjustable desks at your workplace, they will probably be raised and lowered repeatedly. With partition screens of the same height, you can maintain a uniform look. We also have desktop screens that adjust to the height of the desk as they are fastened to the back of the tabletop.