Ergonomic school chairs for creative learning environments

Ergonomic school chairs for creative learning environments

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The idea behind Kinnarps' school chairs is that you learn more and thrive when you're sitting comfortably. Our school chairs have been ergonomically designed and adapted for students of different ages - from preschool age upwards. Some of them are also ideally suited for use in staff rooms and as meeting chairs or  conference chairs. It's easy to adjust the height of our school chairs to the correct work height, and the chairs are designed in such a way as to enable a flexible, varied seating position with good support for the back. Some of the chairs also have a useful footrest. We have also incorporated tried and tested solutions from our classic office chairs, and have fitted a number of our education chairs with stable star bases which come both with and without castors.

Sustainable chairs for schools

When we design our school chairs, we do so with sustainability in mind. This means that not only must our education chairs be made from eco-friendly, recyclable materials, but they must also be sustainable from a user perspective. We use materials with minimal VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, because VOCs can cause headaches and concentration problems. We also focus on providing acoustic solutions and design our education chairs in such a way that they help keep noise levels in educational spaces to a minimum.

Adaptable school chairs for multiple users and learning environments

Make sure you choose an education chair that suits your classroom environment. Teaching in a setting where students are sitting in one place for long periods of time concentrating on their work will require education chairs that can be adjusted to the user's individual needs. Xact is an ergonomic education chair that encourages natural movement, and comes in a wide range of attractive materials and colours, with or without upholstered seat and back. For classroom or training environments that require a high degree of flexibility, we also offer stackable, ergonomically designed school chairs.

Kinnarps' education chairs work well with our school desk range and classroom storage solutions. In some environments, our education chairs can also be complemented by our height-adjustable desks. Together they form an integrated working environment that helps students concentrate throughout the school day.