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Gino Armchair | Art. no GI1A

Gino armchair, with armrests

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Certificate - Kinnarps.Lib.Models.BaseCertificate
Certificate - Kinnarps.Lib.Models.BaseCertificate NEPD-4597-3852-EN

Timeless and stylish modular sofa

The Gino armchair is a comfortable, sturdy and upholstered armchair with armrests and round metal legs. Thanks to its simple shape, it is flexible to place in, for example, canteens, cafes, and meeting rooms. It is part of the modular and sustainable Gino module series with different variants and designs where you easily combine and create your own solution. The armchair has a gap between the seat and the back, which makes it easy to wipe and keep clean. Fasteners are available as an option to attach the armchair to the floor, which makes it a safe choice in for instance learning spaces. It’s also a sustainable alternative, with a design created to last and a limited number of components, all of which can be replaced, separated and recycled. Choose from the hundreds of fabrics in Kinnarps Colour Studio, which all meet stringent quality requirements.