Ergonomically designed office chairs and desk chairs

Ergonomically designed office chairs and desk chairs

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Why are ergonomic office chairs so important?

The simple answer is that we spend a lot of our working day sitting down. Choosing a desk chair or task chair that adapts to your body will ensure a comfortable, varied seating position, which will improve your wellbeing and reduce the risk of work-related injuries. Kinnarps' office chairs are ergonomically designed and tested to provide you with a high level of comfort and quality. We perform the tests ourselves in our own accredited laboratory. Experience has taught us that, if an office chair is to be used correctly, it must be easy to understand and adjust. In flexible or activity-based offices this is even more important, because in these environments the same desk chair is often shared by several employees. That's why we've developed smart, user-friendly technology that makes it easy for you to adjust your office chair - so you actually benefit from all the advantages. Many of our office chairs can also be fitted with smart, ergonomic solutions that meet individual requirements. Accessories like armrests and headrests make our chairs even more ergonomic.

Design, form and function - in one task chair

The design of Kinnarps' task chairs is such that form and function merge in a natural way. Our office chairs have clean, simple, aesthetically pleasing lines that go well with many other types of furniture and interior designs. Our task chairs must always work with the environment as a whole and support the creative ethos behind the design. With a wide range of upholstery in different materials and colours, you can customise our office chairs according to your requirements. We can also supply eco-friendly, sustainable upholstery for our desk chairs and meeting chairs, in the form of naturally flame-retardant fabrics.

Our FreeMotion®, FreeFloat™ and Synchrone™ mechanisms are just three of Kinnarps' innovative solutions for office chairs. The FreeMotion® mechanism creates well-balanced micro-movements in the seat. This helps create an active but relaxed posture, which makes you more productive and happier during your working day. Synchrone™ is a mechanism that causes the seat and back of the desk chair to move together in a synchronised way with a smooth pattern of movement. You can adjust the resistance according to your weight. The seat can be tilted forward and locked in any position. FreeFloat™ is a mechanism that encourages movement. The seat and back of the office chair follow your body movements independently of each other. The seat can be tilted forward. The resistance is adapted to your body weight. Their combination of timeless design and effective ergonomics, and the ability to adjust them and customise them to individual requirements make Kinnarps' task chairs the perfect choice for activity-based offices and contemporary workplaces.

Combine your office chair with one of our height-adjustable desks.